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💻 Your IBM i Specialists

FormaServe is a friendly, family run IBM i ISV & training company, that has been operating successfully for over 33 years.

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❤️ Your Open Source Specialists

Confused with Open Source on the IBM i?

We have been using & developing Open Source software for IBM i since the early 2000s & we always have time for a natter about Open Source on IBM i. Get in contact!

👴 User Groups, Presentations & Workshops

We have been speaking at IBM user groups both in Europe & the US for nearly 20 years. Our first presentation was at IBM Portsmouth (UK) in 2003.

In 2022, FormaServe was the only non-IBMer speaking at the yearly IBM i Development Day.

Our presentations can be found at this link.

📹 Our Learning Videos

Our IBM i learning videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.

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🔗 IBM i Coding Examples & Lots of Other Stuff

🔗 IBM Customer Stories - FormaServe

  • Check out IBMs customer stories website, on how we use Open Source on IBM i to submit VAT (Value Added Tax) to the UK Government. Click here.

🔗 Our Published Articles

  • We have been writing articles for the PowerWire publication since 2014. Please checkout our PowerWire IBM i articles - Click here.

🔗 Other IBM i Open Source Resources

  • Checkout IBMs Open Source page, some great stuff there! - Links here.

🎉 IBM Power Champion

Congratulations to our chief instructor, Andy Youens, on being awarded an IBM Champion for the third year running! Excellent news!

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🏢 Location

  • We are located in London, England UK

👍 Contributing

Pull requests are welcome for any of our open source projects in the FormaServe GitHub repo.

For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change to save wasted time.

See the CONTRIBUTING file for instructions on how to contribute.

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